So, you’ve just booked your first sports massage... You probably have a lot of questions around what to expect from this. 
Naturally, one of those questions is likely to be what clothing should I wear for a sports massage? 

What to wear for a sports massage 

Well, during the massage it’s important that your therapist has access to the areas of your body that need working on. This means that the clothing you wear shouldn’t be restrictive in terms of your movement and should be easy to remove or manoeuvre as needed. 
The therapist will need to have direct access to your skin. This will ensure you can get the most out of the massage while allowing the therapist to perform the techniques they need to in order to give you the best possible treatment. 

Massage areas 

So, you already know to wear something that isn’t going to restrict your movement. But exactly what you should wear for a sports massage depends partly on the type of massage you’re getting. 
For example, if your sports massage is primarily for your back, then you’ll need to be able to remove any clothing from your back in order to allow your therapist to massage you. If your sports massage is for your back, then wearing sports shorts or underwear is fine. 
Most therapists are happy to work around you and what you’re comfortable with, so don’t panic about your choice of clothing. You will be covered with a towel and only the areas that are being worked on will be exposed. Therapists are trained to help you feel comfortable and will enable you to undress and dress in private. They’ve seen thousands of bodies and won’t be at all judgemental. So, the experience won’t be as daunting as you may think. 
Wearing shorts will probably be the best option in terms of clothing for a leg massage. The shorts will need to be loose enough to easily roll up, in order to expose your full leg. As with the back massage, only the area that’s being worked on will be exposed for your massage. 
If you’ve booked in for a sports therapy appointment, then ideally you should wear clothing that allows the therapist to look at and assess the area that’s injured. So, as a general rule, shorts for men and shorts and a sports bra for women would be the best clothing options for the massage. 
Whether you’re considering getting a sports massage or you’ve already booked in for one, if you’d like further guidance on what to wear please contact our team. 
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