fire&earth Massage Academy Become a Sports Massage Therapist 

fire&earth Massage Academy Become a Sports Massage Therapist 

Learn from the Sports Massage Experts! 
Enrollment now open for these courses: 

Level 3 

Starts 1 October 

Level 4 

Starts 22 October 

Get Started in Sports Massage Therapy 

Do you want that sense of achievement from your work? 
Are you tired of being stuck in the same corporate job that doesn’t give you that rewarding feeling you are after? Do you feel you are stuck in a rut and need to make a change? 
Or maybe you are happy in your current job but would like some extra cash on the weekends? 
If you have answered “Yes” to one of those then keep reading. 
The information below should give you everything you need to get booked on so you can become a Level 3 qualified Sports Massage therapist with enough knowledge to generate an additional income, set up your own sports massage business or simply gain a new skill. 

What Does a Sports Massage Diploma Include?  

By the end of the level 3 course in sports massage therapy, you will be able to provide sports massage to a range of clients who have postural problems or built-up tension. You will be able to help clients reach performance goals through maintenance massages, ease stress levels and work on chronic muscular issues that are keeping clients in pain. 
To deal with pre-diagnosed acute and post-acute injuries, you have the option to progress onto the level 4 course which will deepen your anatomy knowledge and enhance your practical assessment and soft tissue skills. 

You will acquire the skills needed to: 

Assess clients and construct a sports massage treatment plan. 
Understand the principles of soft tissue dysfunction. 
Understand how to determine the appropriate techniques for specific clients. 
Apply a range of sports massage techniques and understand their effects on the body. 

You will acquire those skills by completing units on: 

Level 3 

Anatomy and physiology for sports massage 
Principles of health and fitness 
Understand the principles of soft tissue dysfunction 
Professional practice in sports massage 
Sports massage treatments 

Level 4 

Conducting subjective and objective assessment 
Provide sports massage techniques to prevent and manage injury 
Treatment modalities to support soft tissue repair 
Not ready for an advanced diploma? Our introduction to massage therapy is a one day course. 

Find Your Purpose 

Maybe you've always wanted to be able to help others? 
Or maybe you're looking for a different direction in your career? 
Who knows? You might find that you've wanted to do something like this your whole life. 
Some of our Sports Massage Therapists were 'late to the party' and retrained after leaving their other careers. They're loving life and giving something back - what could be better? 
Reducing pain and giving someone the movement back in their body is an incredible gift and we want to teach you how to do it. The information below should give you everything you need to get booked on so you can become a Level 3 qualified Sports Massage therapist with enough knowledge to generate an additional income, set up your own sports massage business or simply gain a new skill. 

Enhance your skills with a Level 4 Diploma 

Having a lifestyle business allows you the flexibility to work as much or as little as you want. Add to that the bonus of helping people get out of pain or reach their fitness goals, means more and more people are looking for rewarding careers like sports massage.  
That’s the reason we all came into it, and being able to always learn and add to your skillset is another great thing about our industry. 
Enhancing your knowledge base will allow you to help more client and earn a better income. Completing a level 4 will enable you to deal with pre-diagnosed injuries and have the ability to assess joints for dysfunction. 

Turn Your Passion Into A Business 

Most of our students are men and women who have had enough of the rat race and want to enjoy their time at work. Not only will we teach you how to become great therapists, we will also give you the first steps to turning your dream job into a reality. 
Our Level 3 diploma in sports massage therapy includes a bolt on business module which means that we will show you step by step what to do once you are qualified to take this new knowledge and generate an income from it. We’ve got over 14 years’ experience doing this for lots of therapists so you are in good hands. 
By the end of the business module you will have an action plan of what your next steps will be, following a proven business model that has worked for myself and many of our therapists. 
If you are joining us as a level 4 student, you will have online access to the module. 

  Sports Massage Therapy Level 3 and 4 Diploma's  

Course Summary 
Next Course Starts: 
Level 3: 1st October 2022 
Level 4: 22nd October 2022 
Course Structure: 
Part-time with more hands on, face-to-face teaching than most blended courses. 
Entry Requirements: 
Level 3: None 
Level 4: Complete Level 3 
Course Length: 
Level 3: Six weekends over six months 
Level 4: Five weekends over five months 
Business Module 
Interest Free payment plan 
Option to interview with Fire and Earth Sports Massage 
The time has never been better to make a difference  
and become a sports massage therapist. 
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