Whether you’re a competitive athlete or someone who just takes part in events for fun, you can benefit from a pre- or post-event massage. Many athletes and active individuals opt for both pre- and post-event massages, as these treatments can significantly boost preparation and recovery. 
Let's explore the difference and the best times for pre-event and post-event massages! 

Pre-event massage 

The pre-event massage is the lesser-known sibling of the famous post-event massage. As the name suggests, the pre-event massage takes place before your sporting event and focuses on warming up and loosening the muscles. It can be performed at two common times: the day before the event or on the day of the event itself. However, it can also be beneficial to receive pre-event massages regularly for two weeks leading up to the event. 
When receiving a pre-event massage, the day before an event, the pressure applied can be relatively deep. The objective is to target and release any well-known tight areas in the muscles. For instance, if you often experience tightness in your calves before running a marathon, a pre-event massage the day before can help alleviate this issue. It involves a combination of massage techniques and stretching to release the tension without applying excessive force. 
On the other hand, a pre-event massage performed on the day of the event aims to help with the warming-up process. This massage employs lighter pressure and faster strokes, complementing your warm-up routine rather than replacing it. By receiving a pre-event massage on the day of the event, you can optimise muscle activation, flexibility, and overall performance. It is especially valuable for athletes who have a tendency to experience tightness or muscle imbalances. 
If you want to maximise the benefits and address any commonly tight or prone-to-niggles areas, we recommend scheduling a pre-event massage the day before your event. 

Post-event massage 

The post-event massage is the more well-known of the two and is often seen at races and sporting events – some of you will have seen us at local events! It plays a vital role in recovery and aims to relax and lengthen the muscle tissues to prevent tightness and potential injuries. It is best to receive a post-event massage immediately after the race or as soon as possible afterward to release any tight areas and remove accumulated tissue build-up. 
The objective of a post-event massage goes beyond immediate recovery. It can also be considered a "maintenance treatment" and is commonly used intermittently between events and training sessions. 
During this type of massage, more extensive work can be done on the muscles, including deep tissue techniques. It is the optimal time to address any underlying muscular imbalances, release tension, and promote overall muscle health. Scheduling regular maintenance treatments between races and training sessions can significantly contribute to injury prevention and improve performance on race day. 

Which one is right for me? 

If you're wondering whether to opt for a pre- or post-event massage, it's essential to consider your specific needs and objectives. 
Pre-event massages are ideal for warming up and loosening the muscles before a sporting event. They can help optimise performance, prevent injuries, and address any known tight areas. By incorporating a pre-event massage into your routine, you can enhance flexibility, muscle activation, and overall readiness for physical activity. 
On the other hand, post-event massages are focused on recovery, muscle relaxation, and injury prevention. They help release tension, alleviate muscle soreness, and promote the body's natural healing processes. By receiving a post-event massage, you can support the body's recovery, reduce the risk of post-exercise tightness, and maintain overall muscle health. 
Ultimately, both pre- and post-event massages offer unique benefits, and the ideal choice depends on your individual circumstances and goals. If you’re a competitive athlete, consider incorporating both into your training regimen for the best results. 
Think you could benefit from a pre- or post-event massage? Contact our team today! 
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