fire&earth Massage Academy Course Overview 

fire&earth Massage Academy Course Overview 

Learn from the Sports Massage Experts! 
Our next course starts 2nd April 2022. 

Sports Massage Course Level 3 Diploma 

By the end of the Level 3 diploma in sports massage therapy you will be able to provide sports massage to a range of clients who have dysfunctional tissue, without acute / post-acute injuries or underlying pathological conditions. 
Level 3 is the foundation to sports massage therapy so this means that you can treat clients with postural problems, tension or who need sports specific maintenance to aid their recovery. To deal with both acute and post-acute injuries you will need to progress onto the level 4 or 5 course. 
Our part-time course gives you 6 full weekends of face to face teaching with full time therapists. This results in you gaining better practical skills and learning far more than if you were to choose an online course. To do that we structure the entire course over 6 months giving you time to learn and digest the material properly. 
This totals 6 teaching weekends, one weekend (Sat/Sun) per month for 6 months, and one day for final exams. We also include a real life experience of going to a sports club for your pre and post assessment. This gives you a taste of what working at an event is really like. 
Our course includes a bolt on business module which means that we will show you step by step what to do once you are qualified to take this new knowledge and generate an income from it. 
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You’ll Get 12 Days of Face-to-Face Teaching Days + Online Support 
Our next sports massage course begins 2nd April 2022 
Course Dates: 
2nd & 3rd April 
7th & 8th May 
11th & 12th June 
2nd & 3rd July 
6th & 7th August 
3rd & 4th September 
One evening for pre & post event assessment 
Final exam date 10th September 2022. 

Level 3 Sports Massage Course Tuition: 

We are offering a simple payment structure that enables you to pay in instalments. We require an upfront deposit that is non-refundable followed by monthly payments. 
Six Interest Free Installments 
Course Total 

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A Fully Comprehensive Course  

fire&earth Massage Academy 
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fire&earth Massage Academy 
Essential Business Module 
The time has never been better to make a difference  
and become a sports massage therapist. 
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