Is it time for a change of career? 
Have you ever wanted to do something more rewarding than your current job? 
Why not try helping others by becoming a sports massage therapist? 
Our next course starts October 2nd 2021. 

What is a Level 3 Diploma - Sports Massage Therapy 

What we love about this industry is the variety you get each day, the fact that you’re always learning and growing as a therapist, and in clinic you get to support so many lovely clients. 
Once qualified, you can go into sports clubs if you prefer that side of things, or you could simply treat your family and friends and gain their eternal appreciation! 
Whatever path you choose, we can help you get there. 
We’re running an accredited part-time Level 3 Diploma in sports massage based in Coventry. It will run for 6 months, for one full weekend per month so you can work the training around your existing commitments without too much disruption. 
We’re so grateful to be able to hold face-to-face teaching sessions again as this last year has been particularly hard, but we got through it with a blended learning format of both remote and in person training, when Covid rules allowed. 
You really can’t beat learning such a practical skill face-to-face. One lucky thing for us is that we keep our groups small anyway to make it a better learning experience for our students, this really helped navigate the Covid rules successfully without too much hassle. Needless to say, we’re fully Covid ready and excited for October. 

What Experience Do I Need To Do A Massage Course? 

If you’re interested but worried you might need previous experience, you’ll be glad to hear a Level 3 diploma in sports massage therapy is entry level into our industry which means you don’t need any previous skills to get on this course. 
One concern we hear quite a lot is students who haven’t studied for many years and worry that it will be difficult. Our response to that it is… you’ve got this! We support you fully throughout the course and because we have small groups, we can give you a lot of attention. It may feel like a big change initially, but once you’re going it is very manageable. 
Our tutors are full time Fire & Earth therapists so they know exactly what it's like to become successful in this industry, and what can be hard to deal with. They’ve all been where you are now, so they’re a great source of knowledge and worth picking their brains on all things sports massage. 

Where We Hold Our Sports Massage Course 

Having a small group enables us to give each learner a lot of time, and as the course is heavily practical it’s important to be able to watch each person, adapting their techniques or posture where needed. This means we can give constant feedback and past students all agree this is a big bonus. 
Although the course is intense, you need to learn a lot of anatomy and physiology, it covers all the basic information you need to be ready to practice sports massage at level 3. This means dealing with tissue dysfunction but not injuries, as that’s for level 4 and 5. We also added a business module onto this course. Most therapists end up self-employed so we wanted them to feel confident and know which steps to take next. It’s so easy to get lost after you’ve actually passed a course like this and have no idea what to do to get started. So we make sure you have clear steps and you know what to do. 
Six months really does fly by, and students are always so surprised when that last weekend comes around. We often say it feels so strange not to see the students when the courses end, but we’re lucky enough to still be in touch with lots of them, so we know how they are all doing. 
What’s lovely is the variety of people choosing to do the course. We have students from all ages and backgrounds, with a variety of reasons for doing it in the first place. Some wanted to just learn a new hobby, some start a possible part-time career, and others know it will be their new full-time career. 
We can’t blame them! I know we’re biased, but it is a wonderful lifestyle business to be in. It’s very satisfying where you feel you are helping people every day, always learning new things, and getting to do something that makes a difference to client’s daily lives. 
We’d love to see you on our next course. We only have limited spaces as we’re keeping each course very small to ensure as much one-on-one time as possible. 
Make that change today.  
Email or call 02476 019930 for more information. 
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